A New Day

A New Year has begun and with it all the inner strivings to achieve our personal goals. However, it is not the New Year and our resolutions that will steel our nerve to unleash our creative abilities…what we need are the resources and skills that will encourage us to give birth to our best thoughts.
Being part of a Writing Community can assist us to get moving with our writing. Okay, the thought might make you nervous…all those strangers staring at you across a room and ready to shred the offerings that you are to present to them…but, what about an Online Community? One that has a large interactive membership at all levels of development and working with every genre of writing imaginable? Online writing communities offer a safe environment for the new and not-so-new writer. One of the major benefits is that of lessening isolation as you write. Another benefit is that of structured and constructive feedback that enables you to progress with your writing in a confident manner. Online writing communities present a forum in which to make new friends, form writing alliances, have work appraised in a non-threatening way, gain tips and ideas from people who have done it all before you, and even find competitions that are free to enter and could result in you winning status…now that really is a boost!
For a Writing Community that really knows its way around, try writing.com.

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