Full Time Writer

This morning I read a Tweet from a young man wishing to know how to become a full-time writer. I clicked through to the blog that provided a range of answers to the young man’s query from a range of those who are already writers. Some were encouraging in their replies, others poured cold water on the inquirer’s efforts to break into writing full time…even I was left with the notion that it is all just an endless slog with no real gain…so why not just become a slave to the alarm clock and some other master? I thought.

I would not attempt to pretend that breaking into writing as a full-time career is easy and most of the advice offered by respondents was sound. However, if one wishes to write and make money while writing and getting their first works accepted, there is always the option of launching a website and sell affiliate writing programs off your site. Now I am not suggesting that anyone quits a secure job straight away, but with as little as an hour a day you could soon make that a realistic goal. Like writing itself, it is down to time, effort and skill.

If you have a modest knowledge of the Internet, know how to set up and maintain a website, then this might be a way for you to make that extra income that allows you to reach for your dreams.

If you have a website then Gary McLaren, Editor, Worldwide Freelance Writer, has prepared an ebook of the best Writing Affiliate Programs. OK, it will cost about $9, but what other business has lower start-up costs than writing, or has such certain work-from-home possibilities?

Here is a link for you to take a look at what Gary has to offer

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