Published at Last

BookCover_NorthEastinEden_v2I realise I have been quiet in the Muse Shack for a long time now. Oh, I’ve been around, but over in the corner working on my book. The Muse has not been pleased, but she has been reminded that I have to make her other inspirations known.

So, at last ‘North East In Eden’ is published. A book of poetry exploring life as a place of joy, pleasure, sadness and pain. Rather than me try to explain it here, I am including this link where you can go for free and see two poems that contrast with each other:

I look forward to renewed contact here in the Muse Shack and invite you to share your writing ideas with all the others who drop in for inspiration and refreshment.

2 thoughts on “Published at Last

  1. David, I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was, to stop by your blog. And while there, finding a link to~two of your poems. Let me say my friend, they took my breath away. Where to start…..I have so much I want to say, but don’t want to sound silly. Please allow me this second. First off, your poem,”One Hour Friend” I find refreshing. The battle within this mans soul to appear normal…to blend in and be thought of highly. Brilliant!! However, as a poet, I’m ready to rush off this page and begin sharing your poem: North East In Eden. It touched me that much my friend. And if I could, I would like to quote two parts that had me stopped.

    A twisted mind
    Tortured by deaths,
    Hate’s rhetoric,
    The stench of corrupting goodness
    Rising from rivers of unworthy termination,
    Now seeks the meandering streams of
    memory –
    Settling on her bed of hungry children.
    Slumbering poppies wave at me
    Without addictive platitudes
    As I read them, I noticed my husband reading over my shoulder. He was astonished at the words and how potent they were, and said to me, “That’s beautiful!” Poetry, done right my friend. From the soul! And you’ve reached down deep with these two! Thankyou for sharing them and now I’m off to do the same.

    1. Thank you so much for your warm and generous feedback on my poems. It means a lot to me that my work touches other lives in meaningful ways, and I feel that in you they have found a place. Thank you for the affirmation. D

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