Barefoot in the snow

The Silent Eye


Have you ever walked along the water’s edge in wet sand, leaving behind a transient trail of footprints that will be washed away by the sea? The image is an evocative one, though a little trite perhaps. Many have seen it as an illustration of the fleeting and impermanent nature of our passage through the world.

Although there may be few things more wonderful than walking through warm shallows and laughing at the sun, that too brings an image of life to mind. The shallows are comfortable, they are safe and known, the point where land and water meet. We experience both without leaving our own natural element. We don’t even need to adjust much, simply take of the shoes and walk. At worst we risk stepping on a shard of shell. But we feel the caress of the waves on our skin and the shifting tides echoing in our…

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One thought on “Barefoot in the snow

  1. Hi. I read this piece and found a great depth in it, avoiding the all too pervasive triteness that is often associated with ‘Footsteps’. I followed your blog and posted to Facebook. When I returned to my blog, there was your piece for all to read. I am not totally educated in how WordPress works. Do you mind that your piece is now on my blog? If this is how WordPress do it, then I am happy as long as you are. D

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