A space for reflection and inspirationHi, and thanks for stopping by the Muse Shack. You are welcome here, we are happy that you called by and there is a corner for you to pull a chair into and rest your mind a while…very soon new ideas will flow. Why not try the hammock…it will take all the weight of your writing tasks and the gentle swaying will open your mind to new thoughts, ideas and inspiration…but watch out! The Muse might think it is me in the Hammock and she will kick it…don’t worry though…the jolt will result in great ideas!

The Muse is Demanding

On these pages I will be sharing my own writing and that of others who are inspired to write and who wish to share their reflections and creativity with a wider audience; also, I will be providing insights to aspiring writers, in the hope that this will help them on their way to sharing their work with an ever-widening readership.

Here you will find articles and resources that will take the mystery out of writing. The ideas that you will find on these pages have been garnered from thirty years of writing, public presentation and interaction with other writers from around the world. Reflection and incorporation of the skills and techniques you will find here, will help you towards meeting your writing goals. So whether you need ideas, desire encouragement, want to break out of the isolation of writing, or need a space to pin up your work…in fact, whatever your needs as you carry on your craft,  the Muse Shack is here as a space for you to reflect, create and be seen.

Each month I will be adding a new poem to the Poem of the Month section. A competition is in place and 9 poems will be selected for inclusion on the Muse Shack Poetry pages. So, grab yourself a mug of coffee or tea, find a quiet corner (there is room for everyone) and get scribbling – the Muse is here and it won’t let you down. I invite you to submit your verse for consideration. Authors will retain full possession of copyright.

I encourage you to share your postings and to become energized in getting your writing out into the public domain.

Writer in Residence

I’m your  host and the shaker of the Muse (she, he, it, responds to me) and we have a lot of fun when it’s around.

I’ve been writing all my life in one form or another. My first poem was published at the age of seven, about the same time that I gathered an  audience around me in my hospital ward to tell them stories – a consultant yelled at me and told me to get back into bed, but it never dented my desire to write and to perform my stories…I’ve done so now for 51 years.

Most of my working life has involved speaking, listening, interpreting and writing and it has been one of life’s joys. Recently I retired from my work as a Psychotherapist and have begun to write my first novel which is part of a trilogy. Aftershock tells the story of  a Psychotherapist whose life is blown apart by a bomb – and he wasn’t even there when the blast went off. Keep coming back to the Muse Shack to read the excepts.

The door is open. “Come on, on in,” as we say in Ireland and let’s get to know each other. There are only friendly faces here.

4 thoughts on “The Muse, The Shack and Me

    1. Hi Bobby. Sorry I am so long in replying. I have written little in a month. Sumi was married and that took two weeks and then I moved to Scotland and after a month feel settled…am in a church and seeing a Christian. How are you. I am on 07915266220. Best Wishes. D

  1. Hello David.
    I’ll be patient and wait until the book is published., Aftershock looks to be worth reading.

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