Birthday Letters

Starting from this week I am going to be transferring my poetry pages to this blog. Poems will appear under their own tabs and these pages will present an opportunity for readers of my blog to have their poetry featured in the ‘Poem of the Month section.

Have you written a piece of work that you wish to see published online? Okay, don’t waste anytime – paste it into the comments section and have it included in a competition to be entered in the Poem of the Month. As an incentive, I am giving away a copy of ‘Birthday Letters’ by Ted Hughes in hardback. Eight poems will be selected for the rest of the year and the one considered outstanding will be the receiver of the prize. The competition is open to entrants from anywhere in the world. All submissions must be in English and may take any form. You will retain full rights over your work and it will not be shared with third parties.

I have the delight to be able to visit Ted Hughes’ village each two weeks and to be captivated by the landscapes that were such an influence in his poetry. It seems that the Yorkshire Pennines were his Muse and his poems reflect his life lived in those harsh and dramatic landscapes. What inspires you? What becomes your Muse? Or are you like me…I can write with and without a Muse!

Submit a short story on what inspires you and I’ll throw in another literature prize for the best story.

I am looking forward to all those entries and I hope you are looking forward to seeing your work on the new poetry pages when I transfer them to this blog.

Good luck.